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Car Wont Start

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Hi all.

My car shut off whilst driving (abs light kept flicking on and off aswell as the radio) and when I tried turning it on it did the clicking sound.

My car no longer starts - just clicks several times when I try to start. I tested the battery with a booster battery and it turns on whislt this is attached but as soon as I take it off the battery it shuts off.

I replaced the battery and it only lasted a day untill when I started it again all the lights started flashing. Like the abs light and the radio turned on and off then the car turns off. I then try turning it on again but does the clicking noise. I attached a battery booster to it and left it on the battery for 10 minutes. Starts up then shuts of again after a mintue.

Engine light is on and I know it could mean anything. Anyone had this experience befor?


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