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Abs Warning Light And Message


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Ladies and Gents,

As we all know fords electric system is not the best. I have a issue and looking for advice. In this very cold weather I am having a issue with my ABS and braking system. When it's below 5 degrees I have a warning message come up saying brake malfunction. It only happens if it's 5 degrees or below. If it's above this no message. The brakes work fine and have good stopping power. I was thinking it might be the ABS sensor playing up. Am I right in think this or could it be other things. I've had the on a car reader and no error message is recorded. Can any shed any light on this. I have a 2009 ford fiesta zetec s tdci 1.6. Thanks for the advice in advance.

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sounds more like a bad sensor but you need to read the error codes, check my signature for "got an error on your car?" for ideas of code readers, you wont regret buying one.

I would say if your getting a brake malfunction error at less than 5 degrees, it could be the brake fluid is in need of replacement. I wonder if the fluid is freezing, or thickening and reducing flow and or pressure causing the error to appear? if the ABS light is coming on this will be because the system probably failed the self test.

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