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New Keys And Lazy Central Locking.


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I have a 2001 focus tdci and have a question regarding new keys
for the vehicle. I bought the focus as a cheap runaround (fuel in my Landrover
was costing a fortune for everyday trips), I saw a cheap diesel and got it, the
problem I have is that the car only came with one key and it is not the remote
key, it is the blue tabbed ‘spare’. Now looking at the wear n tear on the
barrel end it looks as though this has been used as the main key for quite some
time. A couple of months ago it stopped working in the drivers’ door, (it locks
all doors fine from drivers’ side but will not open), I’ve had to open the car
via the passenger door, until last week this method activated the central
locking on all four doors, but now the key will only open the passenger door
(ie no central locking ‘whirring’ noise opening all four doors) I have to lean
over from the passenger side to release the drivers lock button, which then
activates the c/locking and ‘whirrs’ the remaining doors open.

I’d like to know if there is a quick-fix for this which does not
result in great expense (ie c/locking system reset?), I have key cover on my insurance which I
could use to obtain a new remote key but am not sure if this would ‘cure’ the
central locking problem. Also, as the current key is so worn I’m guessing that
any new blank would have problems trying to mirror the cut from this key, do
Ford have the option of replicating a new key from the chassis/reg reference or
could they provide details to an indy locksmith to produce a new key without
the need to change all locks and ignition.

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The blade on your key is a Ford Tibbe. You don't need to go to Ford, any half decent Autolocksmith will be able to decode and cut a new key for you, either remote or new plain key and then programme into your car a lot cheaper than Ford. No need for chassis reg number etc. I have cut and programmed loads of Tibbe keys in the past.

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If you have the key code it may be worth a look on eBay for a suitable key some sellers can cut them too, programming the remote is no problem with your car but the transponder would need programming to the car with IDS or similar.

I have recently bought a remote key for my MK2 full remote flip key for £31 off eBay with the blank cut from the code worked out from a digital picture of my key so I now have my key code too, then I programmed the central locking and then used my IDS to program my transponder, so all in £31 for a fully working remote key. Timpsons wanted £55 for a Vauxhall transponder key only ouch for my friends car.

I know not everyone has access to IDS but it is worth it weight in gold of if you can find someone local who has it it could help you keep costs down.

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