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*** Fiesta - Possible Issue With Integral Camera / Satnav Option


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Can anyone supply more information about the possible issue raised by "jsk" at the URL below:


The issue was said to affect Fiesta's built after May 2014, with the integral camera and/or, the optional built-in satnav.

A fix was apparently released but it failed to resolve the issue.

As I have ordered a new Fiesta Tit X with integral camera and the optional satnav, I contacted my dealer about this but, he says that, with regard to current Fiesta builds, they have found no info to back this up.

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I took delivery of my Titanium X which has the satnav option as well as the rear camera in September 2014.

I have experienced no battery problems despite mostly short runs during recent cold mornings.

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After my initial post on this forum, reporting battery going flat twice, I have now had the Ford 'fix' carried out on the 5th of this month.

My car has a rear camera fitted but not satnav. The fix was a software upgrade and so far I have had no more problems.


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