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Fiesta St Conversion


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new on here, and this is my first post. got a quick one for you. i have a fiesta 1.2 55 reg and i am putting the st rear bumper onto it, now obviously the st rear bumper has a hole for the st exhaust, however mine being a 1.2 it has the exhaust that bends down (standard exhaust) i would like to put the st backbox on however will it make the sound of the car louder and sound like one of them chav boy racers lol. please could someone get back to me as i am not looking to go towards that direction.


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Any scope for cutting off the angled down standard exhaust outlet and fitting a more suitable looking tailpipe (plus 90 degree pipe section if needed) which outlets to the ST bumper cut-out? These often simply clamp

Maybe lot simpler than changing the whole system and cheaper too.

Example here so you can see what I mean


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thanks for the pics, tbh should be similiar along the lines even though its a mk7. does it sound louder though in a good way though?


No difrence to the sound at all, as its the boxes that affect that & I only cut a bit off the tail pipe after it exited the back box.

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If it helps I've got one of those exact exhaust trims Gary posted pics up of, and I'm happy to sell it on at cost as it's not going to fit on my new car post-54862-142252047699_thumb.jpg

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