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Hi all

Sorry to raise this topic yet again!!!

But is it at all possible to have the fully integrated bluetooth system with a Sony Gen2 in my focus. Every time I press the green phone button it says 'Audio Mute'. Having had a read on here I understand this means there is no module in place. Is it possible to get a module and will this work??

Heck, will anything work??!?!

(I'm only keen on having a fully integrated system, no parrot etc as I used to own a fiesta with these features and I thought it was absolutely the best integrated system I ever came across)

Apologies for the long story!

Any replies and help would be most welcome!

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The Bluetooth/Voicecontrol system was optional. It can be recognised by the VOICE button on the audio remote on the steering collumn. If there is no Voice button on the radio remote and the PHONE buttons act as MUTE buttons this basically means that there is no Bluetooth/Voicecontrol system.

The bluetooth/Voicecontrol system can be retrofitted without any problems. Ford offers a retrofit kit which includes all needed parts. However this kit is very expensive. It is a lot cheaper to buy used parts. You need the following par'ts to retrofit the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol system:

*Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module.

*Mounting bracket for the module and mounting hardware.


*large model interior light frame with opening for the microphone (if not already present).

*Radio remote with VOICE button.

*Wiring looms (if not already present).

Note that the Focus MK2.5 system is not supported anymore by Ford. There are no longer updates to solve compatability issues with new Phone models (the last update was released in 2012). This system will become outdated more and more. This can partly be solved by installing a newer type of Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module which is installed into the Focus MK3.

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Thanks for the quick reply!

Sounds like a lot of work for an amateur like me!

What you are saying is even if I do all that, there is a chance because of the software being outdated that it may not even work with newer phones??

In that case, in your opinion, am I better off going for something like this....


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