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Guide: Fitting 10" Hd Flip Down Roof Monitor Dvd To Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5


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Heres the 10" HD Flip down roof monitor with built in DVD player,

its an Xtrons CR108HD :

Link to supplier: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/331346924847?_trksid=p2059210.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT




Most Installation videos on YouTube will show cutting a large hole in the roof lining like this:😯


This in my opinion weakens the structure of the roof lining,😐

The unit I've purchased has a backing plate to fit inside the roof lining,

I wont cut out the roof lining to fit it in there,

Instead I'll take an additional 20 minutes of my time⌚to remove the roof lining which I will show you how to do aswell,

Line up the four M6 holes and drill them out in the centre of the roof lining to grip the screen unit to the plate o the opposite side of the roof lining no need to cut a huge hole.

Just a single 19mm hole then to route the cables through.



The Xtrons CR108HD comes with an 19mm oval badge embedded in the centre of the screen backing,


Its nice but when fitting it in to a ford you know its gotta be changed for a custom print blue oval :)





Instantly looks like a factory fitted flip down monitor :lol: Limited Edition.

An additional nice touch from Xtrons is this unit has a built in blue ambient light which illuminates on 3 different levels of light,

The blue ambient can also be kept switched on/off when monitor is active or on standby


It also features a beautiful 6000kelvin white courtesy light which can work on demand aswell as in time with your existing courtesy lights.



Moving on now shopping list for this Guide is as follows:

3 Metre RCA Extension cable


15 Amp Cable


10 Amp Cable


Mini Blade PiggyBack Fuse Adaptor:


12V Rocker Switch:


PVC insulating tape:


M6 Penny Washers:


Crimp ring terminals

Male crimp spade terminals:

Insulated female crimp spade terminals:

M6 x 20 counter sunk bolts:

M6 nuts:

The main power source wiring in this guide is slightly different to all the others i created as it piggybacks off previous modifications,

In all other guides I've spliced in to factory looms

However i will explain how to install it in to a focus with no previous modifications done to it,

Same principles just requires a bit more cable to reach the battery in the engine bay rather than a capacitor inside the boot compartment.


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The Xtrons 10.1" HD Flip Down monitor requires a constant 12V DC power source fed directly from the battery and an ignition live feed from an interior source.

The constant live source must be linked to the battery or a capacitor because the monitor and DVD demand variable amounts of voltage while they operate it is mandatory it receives a line capable of meeting demand in order to maintain normal function.

First step is creating the wiring looms.

12V DC battery loom:

I used 6 Metres of 15Amp cable,

Stripped and crimped insulated female spade connectors on one end,

Ring terminals are required on the opposite end of the battery loom but hold off on fitting these until the cable has been run through all grommets and cut to required length prior to crimping on the rings.

I run the 12V DC supply from the 1.0Fared Capacitor in the boot compartment,


Up the D pillar to the roof lining area instead of directly from the battery as its the same result feeding Direct power.




In the Guide I've shown how to wire it up without a capacitor i.e. directly to battery.

Switched Ignition feed loom:

I used 6 Metres of 10Amp cable, PiggyBack Fuse adaptor and a 12V rocker switch.

Strip and crimped insulated female spade connectors on one end,


Measure 12 foot down the cable then using a kitchen knife or Stanley blade separate the red & black cores,



Cut the black core at 12foot leaving the red core untouched at full length.



End results look like this:


The black core attaches to a piggyback fuse adaptor in the passenger footwell,

Plug the piggyback adaptor in to F100 in the passenger footwell fuse board.


The black core then carry's an ignition live positive feed out of tge fuse board in to the switch in the drivers side pocket,

The red core will carry this ignition live feed up to the flip down monitor on the roof,


when the driver turns the rocker switch to "ON"


This enables driver control over the monitor for various reasons i feel this is a good additional feature meaning back seat passengers can only operate it with drivers consent or for instances where driving at night in areas where it is not desirable to attract too much attention to the vehicle.

In the drivers footwell;

Remove the OBD port panel using a T25 Torx,


Screw removed; gently pull the panel straight out towards the drivers seat.




Unplug the OBD port from the pocket panel,


Using a 19mm Hole-Saw drill hole in desired location,


Pop the rocker switch in to the drilled hole from inside the dash pocket.

Using a small flat head screwdriver;

Pop out the screw caps from the kick panels on either side of the centre console,


Using a T25 Torx;

Remove the screws from both panels, followed by removing these short panels.


Feed the 10Amp loom with crimped female terminal through to the drivers footwell from the passenger side,


When through to drivers side,

Feed the cable under the steering column panel and plug the female spades in to the rocker switch,

Replace the OBD socket in to the panel and return Torx screw,

If you have a DVD screen headunit fitted,

Route the RCA cable down from the rear of the headunit to the passenger footwell prior to refitting the kick panels on both sides of the centre console.

Next step is to pull out the two black plugs from under glovebox in passenger footwell,

Gently remove foam pad,

Unlock both fuse board clips and fold down fuse board,

Locate fuse F100

Using a long nosed pliers gently grip and pull out fuse,

Plug this fuse in to the bottom slot on the PiggyBack fuse adaptor.

Insert a 10Amp fuse in to the top slot of the PiggyBack fuse adaptor.

Locate the black core from the newly installed cable,


Cut the black core to desired length, strip end and crimp on the piggyback fuse adaptor,

Plug the piggyback in to fuse slot F100

Refit fuse board and foam pad.

Open front passenger door,

Gently pull rubber door seal strip out until its removed to to roof panel,

Put fingers behind panel at side of the glovebox and gently pull panel towards drivers seat to remove it.

Feed the red core of the newly installed loom; up from the passenger footwell, going inside the passenger A-Pillar to the roof lining.

Open glovebox,

Using a T25 Torx remove all 7 screws securing glovebox in place,


Slide out glovebox and store in a secure location,

Unclip the hydraulic arm from the glovebox door and remove door by gently pulling out towards passenger seat,

Store in secure location.

Take a Tea or Coffee break at this point as there's a bit to go :)


On return from tea break; open the bonnet,


Remove the battery box lid (if fitted)


Using an 18mm socket remove the battery tie down bar,

Disconnect both positive and negative connections,

Depending on model of focus,

May be required to remove the air box lid and filter in order to get the required 45 degree clearance needed to remove the battery.

Unclip loom cables from the front panel of the battery box and lift out this panel revealing the front of the battery.

Lift out the battery and store in a safe elevated location away from risk of contact with concrete, pets or individuals,

Using a 10mm Socket;

Remove the three bolts on base of battery box,

Followed by removing the battery box and storing in a secure location.

There is now comfortable access to the electrical loom rubber grommet which carries all cables from engine bay to inside the car.


Gently squeeze and pull the large rubber grommet towards the passenger headlight.

At this point there are two options:

A: undo PVC Tape from both sides of the grommet and using a hard plastic rod; phish the new 12V DC cable through the rubber grommet along side the rest of the factory cables.





B: Use a 4.5mm drill bit, to drill a small hole in the grommet and passing the new 12V DC cable through the rubber grommet.

Either way you choose to do it; take care not to damage existing cables and ensue it is the bare end of the cable remains in the engine bay and NOT the female crimped side.

Also if removing PVC Tape,

Replace it again on both sides of the grommet to ensure an air tight seal.

Bring enough cable through that the end touches the headlight,

This will ensure there is enough excess to fit the cable tidy to the battery.

With the 15Amp cable through to the engine bay;

Refit the grommet ensuring its secure,

Return the battery and associated parts back in to place.

Fit a 15Amp inline fuse within 18" of cable between battery and grommet.

Inside the car:

Route the 12V DC cable up inside the passenger A Pillar along side the red core switched ignition feed.

Refit the glovebox door and associated parts take particular care to ensure the bottom left part of the glovebox is tucked in prior to securing back in place.

Next step


Philips head screwdriver,

Small flat head screwdriver,

Masking Tape,

Remove the:

Courtesy lights,

Grab handles,

Sun visors,

Use the masking tape to hold the removed screw inside the grab handle, sun visors etc. for easy return.

With all items removed,

Undo two Philips head screws which secure the interior light surround in the front of the vehicle.

Followed by unplugging the two plastic plugs in the rear close to the boot door.

Slide the driver and passenger front seats all the way back and remove headrests,

Open the boot and fold down the rear seat,


Next Step

Using the small flat head screwdriver; remove the caps from the B and C pillars revealing the Philips head screws.

Starting with the B pillars:

Remove the two small Philips head screws and gently pull out the short panel.


Moving on to the C pillars now:

Using a short stubby Philips head screwdriver; remove the two short Philips head screws from the panel on both sides of the vehicle.






In the boot compartment now;

Using the T25 Torx remove both screws on the passenger side boot panel followed by lifting the panel down on to the boot area,







With this dark panel resting in the boot,

Gently pull down the upper boot panel and store in a secure location.

Repeat these steps on the opposite side of the boot compartment revealing the roof lining.

Gently pull down the rubber door seal from the top of all doors followed by gently pulling out the top of the A Pillars freeing the headlining.

Next step,

Go to the drivers door,

Look on the inside of the roof lining and unplug the rear washer hose at the joint.

Open the rear door and disconnect the hose again at the rear of the headlining.


On to the passenger side then; gently pull the rear interior light loom from the roof lining.

All free now slide the roof lining out through the boot door at a 45 degree angle.



With the roof lining now removed from the car, transfer it to a table or floor area for marking up.

Using masking tape;

Apply strips to the roof lining to assist in marking out the centre location for fitting the flip down monitor.



When the monitor has been set in the desired location;

Undo the four Philips head screws that hold the support cage,


With the screws removed;

Confirm the monitor is correctly aligned prior to using a small Philips screwdriver to pierce the headlining through the holes the screws were removed from on the monitor.


When the four holes have been made,

Lift the monitor away from the cage bracket,


Thread an M5 bolt through each of the four holes on the cage bracket through to the opposite side of the roof lining and secure with a nut.

This method holds the cage in the correctly aligned position while the permanent supporting holes can be made through out the cage,

Pierce a hole in the headlining using a Philips head screwdriver,

Insert M5x20 bolt,

Secure with M5 penny washer and nut on opposite site,

Tighten down,


With these permanent fixture bolts tightened in place;

Remove the four bolts from the threaded holes that were put in for alignment purposes


Use a Stanley blade to cut a small hole in the correct location of the bracket on the roof lining take care not to cut outside the overall area of the cage.


Strip and crimp some male spade terminals on to the ends of the cables prior to putting them through a hole on the roof lining,



With cables crimped,

Insert through hole in roof lining,


Position monitor correctly on top of the mounting cage and insert fixing screws,





The flip down monitor is now securely mounted to the roof lining :)



I chose to use some duct tape on the backing to secure the cables from movement, prevent overlapping aswell as reinforce the rigidity of the roof lining and cover the bolts.

Looks like this:



The roof lining is now ready for return to the car.

Carefully side the roof lining in through the boot compartment,

Next step is adding the RCA extension cables;

3 Metre RCA extension cables are sufficient to reach from the flip down screen on the roof, down the passenger side A-Pillar to the area under glovebox,


Connect a 3 Metre extension cable to both the input and output connects,

Securely wrap each connection individually with some PVC electrical tape to prevent them from ever coming loose,


Once secured,

Feed these cables along the side of the roof lining and down the drivers side A-pillar,

Plug in all spade connections to the monitor on the roof lining,

Feed relevant interior light looms through there holes in the roof lining,

Reconnect rear washer hose line at front and rear of drivers side A and D Pillars,


Confirm all connections prior to requesting assistance from another person,

The second person must sit in the centre of the back seat holding the 10" monitor up in position,

While you refit the centre interior light cage and all four grab handles at each door of the car,

When all of the screws are back in place the second person can be made redundant :lol:

As there is now enough screws in place to support the roof lining with monitor attached.



The following steps are simply a repeat of the beginning,

Refitting all panels and screws followed by caps,

Then finally confirm all rubber door seals are fitted as they should prior to finishing.

The RCA extension cables have been extended to the underside of the glovebox;

An additional 1 metre cable can then be purchased to bridge the connections to a compatable headunit, TV Tuner, games console or all three if desired.

I've got mine connected to all three simultaneously and mirror linked,


i can discuss this configuration in separate posts if desired,




For now though,

I'm going to leave this guide as complete in a general install form in a bid to avoid too much confusion.

This is the general install,

If you would like further details regarding TV tuner etc. Feel free to ask and i will respond with a brief guide and work with you from there.

Thanks for viewing my guide i hope it has helped to achieve desired results,

You may like to view my full list of guides can be viewed on my profile page:



If your using the forum App follow this link:







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King Lenny is at it again! I need to pull my finger out and sort out my amp fitting but at the moment i am having some work done on the house so am spending my spare time sorting bits around the house...

plus i need some motivation to work on the car. looking forward to summer so i can do some stuff!

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King Lenny is at it again! I need to pull my finger out and sort out my amp fitting but at the moment i am having some work done on the house so am spending my spare time sorting bits around the house...

plus i need some motivation to work on the car. looking forward to summer so i can do some stuff!

Cheers mate,

DIY is just as theraputic as working on the car in my opinion,

Its what ill be doing from later in the year onwards aswell,

Ive got some car audio items for sale you may be of interest all brand new items including Vibe Slick 5 Metre RCA cable and Vibe FlatBass 13AWG solid core audio cable see link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/171688753307

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Saw "the hole" and was thinking ah-oh, then read you post! :)

Interesting idea looking forward to seeing the end result. (oh ill post those surrounds next week?)

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Saw "the hole" and was thinking ah-oh, then read you post! :)Interesting idea looking forward to seeing the end result. (oh ill post those surrounds next week?)

Cheers mate ill pay you for them next week aswell :lol:

PM me your PayPal address,

Ive obtained all the items required to fit this flip down screen but ive a few extra cables to run in for amplifiers in the boot,

Going to fit it all in March.

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Looks the business, was pulling the head liner down as easy as your pictures suggest? I've got some tapping cables up there that could do with being secured, the drop down screen looks really good, I've got a bunch of maintenance stuff to do soon, timing belt and pump, some manifold seals need replaced, an possibly some new lifters so its going to have to wait a while but this is definitely going on the list!

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Looks the business, was pulling the head liner down as easy as your pictures suggest? I've got some tapping cables up there that could do with being secured, the drop down screen looks really good, I've got a bunch of maintenance stuff to do soon, timing belt and pump, some manifold seals need replaced, an possibly some new lifters so its going to have to wait a while but this is definitely going on the list!

Cheers mate,

Im the opposite of yourself,

Done this install last April, now the focus needs a service, timing belt and two front tyres,

Need to book it in to a ford garage in coming weeks.

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46 minutes ago, k_j_jacobs said:

do you have a youtube channel of all these installs?

Sorry no i don't mate done it all in my spare time not funded by the forum or any business.

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