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My Mum's 2005 Fiesta Ghia TDCi vehicular carriage has now seemingly developed a bigger problem... we bought it around 18 months ago from a dealer. On initial viewing of the car and test drive etc a noise seemingly from the engine cooling system wasn't heard, but after my Mum got the car a whooshing or whirring sort of noise could be heard more audibly.. I think it related to cooling/water pump. Tried with the warranty that was bought with the car (purchased from an independent dealer on his borrowed land in High Peak, Derbyshire) to get somewhere with this but none of the local garages that the warranty company named to take the carriage would really help much (I can't remember the name of the warranty company and don't have the car's paperwork to hand).

So now just today my Mum reported some problem when moving the car... I went to look (engine bay looked normal) but when creeping the car forward some mechanical noises could be heard. I initially thought brakes/suspension etc so jacked the car up but couldn't really see anything abnormal... When the car was running I noticed more smoke than normal from the exhaust.

I lowered the car from the jack and heard something jangle and fall to the ground... I photographed it and attached to this thread. Maybe someone could shed some light as to what has seemingly broken.... I hope it is now to do with the whirring noise (tensioners/water pump etc) so that this can now be fixed. I hope it isn't something else on top of the whirring noise that may still need fixing.

I don't have the bills/invoices to hand so couldn't quite tell when the cam belt/water pump etc was last done. I think it may have been in 2010/11 but not sure if the water pump was done at the same time.

Of course we will be getting the car recovered to a specialist asap, but any help / advice right now will be very much appreciated.



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Yes... my Mum has some AA cover.. someone from the AA came and gave diagnosis of a broken coil spring... darn, I was just hoping that today's problem was related to the water pump/tensioner whirring noise so that we could now finally get that sorted... When I turned the engine over it was a little rougher on the idle than usual and there did appear to be more smoke than usual from the exhaust...

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I spoke over the phone to the person at the local garage.. he told me that the AA advised coil springs on both sides should be changed.... is it advised to do both sides? Good practice?

My Mum's already given the go-ahead, but he's quoted £175.44 for changing the springs on both sides... Do you think that this is a good price?

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Both sides is a must as otherwise one side will be weaker than the other and it will handle like crap. 175 sounds fair to me but I am not in the trade, considering the labour though I would say that is acceptable.

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