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Fiesta Mk 7.5 Ecoboost Exhuast

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Hi Again guys, looking to see if anyone knows if theres any exhuast mods out for the ecoboost zetec ....been gifted the choice of any car mod for my 21st birthday so thought i would start with a new exhaust.

Also is anyone familiar with any way to have the option to reduce exhaust noise? Such as exhaust cutout switches?


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Got this fitted to my MK7.5 Titanium 1.0T EcoBoost, Twin tail-pipe, nice purr.

Also with the Stage 1 ECU remap, and K&N AirFiler - sounding like a beast ^_^

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Is that really drowning once in the car? Really would hate that lol....looks good though bro

Where are you looking to go for your remap?

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Not a drowning sound... just a nice purr. Already have a stage 1 ECU Remap, which was fitted after the exhaust was fitted. Really does have a lovely sound, fitted a K&N air filter last week too.

I had a longlife exhaust on my previous vehicle. Which was mid-sport sound, that was loud... too loud! Proper drowning, especially motorway driving.

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