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Heatshield Products Now Available At Opie Oils

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Opie Oils are pleased to announce the NEW and SCORCHING addition of Heatshield Products to the Opie Oils web site.


Heatshield Products have been making the most complete line of products for thermal and acoustical insulation needs since 1985. They pride themselves on the quality and honesty of their products. Unlike their competition Heatshield Products advertise the operational temperature and not what a product can sustain for 30 seconds or less!

The range of products NOW available at Opie Oils is vast! Below is the full list of Heatshield Products stocked at www.opieoils.co.uk

(Use club discount voucher and get an additional 10% discount. If you don't know what it is then check our signature, alternatively just get in touch and we will let you know).

Improve the efficiency of your turbo by retaining heat inside with a heat shield. Using a turbo bag can increase boost, reduce turbo chatter or flutter, and help keep the turbo from lagging! In addition to aiding the efficiency of the turbo system, these heat shields can also reduce under hood temperatures by as much as 60%. Lowering your under hood temps, will lower intake temperatures, adding even more power!

Protect your expensive plug wire set’s performance and increase their lifetime. Insul-Boots prevent misfires caused by plug-wire burnout, this helps prevent critical engine damage and loss in performance. This boot heat shield, feature double wall construction provides superior protection. Special heat coatings allow these boot heat shields to reflect and dissipate heat. The universal design fits most boots-even 90 degrees.

Pro-long your starter's life and improve its performance! Starter heat shields help prevent starter failure caused by overheating. Using a heat shield for the solenoid and starter can prevent the starter from having starter heat lock. Quality construction and design allow for easy installation. Simply wrap the heat shield cover around the starter and fasten with the hook and loop fasteners; starter removal is not necessary in most cases.

Exhaust pipe/Header wrap maintains hotter exhaust gases, decreases the gas density, and allows the exhaust gas to exit the header and exhaust system faster! Increased exhaust scavenging is produced helping to lower intake temperatures: that equals more horsepower. To gain full horsepower benefits, be sure to wrap starting at the header pipe next to the cylinder head, and wrap downstream. Exhaust wrap also reduces radiant from your pipe heat by as much as 50% keeping your ride a much cooler one. Using exhaust pipe heat wrap can also reduce heat damage to fairings and keep shocks cooler.

This heat wrap withstand 1200°F continuous and 2000°F intermittent. For applications exceeding 1200°F continuous use, check out Heatshield header pipe wrap. Exhaust pipe wraps can be fastened with stainless steel locking tie, hose clamps, or wire.

This exhaust wrap is asbestos free and is made from a base high quality fiberglass yarn. Exhaust heat wrap is also water and fungus resistant. Always wear gloves, safety glasses and dust mask when handling this product, long sleeves are also recommended.

Heatshield Products Lava Wrap - Various sizes available - Prices start from £25.55

Give your header and exhaust system a custom look with Lava Exhaust Wrap. Made from crushed volcanic rock (basalt fiber), Lava Wrap has all the same benefits as exhaust wrap but with a carbon fiber look and improved durability! This exhaust wrap is 25% stronger than fiberglass wraps, giving it a prolonged life and greater durability. Using Lava Wrap on a header and exhaust system, maintains hotter exhaust gases, decreases gas density, and that allows the exhaust gas to flow out of the system faster! Greater exhaust scavenging is produced, pulling intake gases through the cycle faster, helping to lower air intake temperatures. This gives you more horsepower! This wrap also reduces radiant heat damage and can lower under hood temperatures by as much as 50%. Lava Wrap withstands 1200°F continuous and 2000°F intermittent. Wrap Lava Wrap around your exhaust pipe, using overlap to hold itself in place (like a tennis racket grip). Use Thermal-Tie, hose clamps, or wire to secure ends in place.

The volcanic exhaust wrap is asbestos free and is made from a base high quality basalt yarn. The basalt fiber is naturally chemical, acid, water and fungus resistant. It is also noncombustible.

Heatshield Products Inferno Header Wrap 2" x 50ft - Can withstand 2000°F continuous - £198.76

Unlike fiberglass and basalt (volcanic) exhaust wraps (which should be advertised at a 1200°F operating temperature), the Inferno Wrap is made from silica yarn making this header wrap soft, strong, and flexible while operating at its designed operating temperature of 2000°F continuous . It will sustain the extreme temperatures that your glowing pipes from the turbo, down pipe, header, manifold, or racing applications require. Simply put, there is not an insulating wrap on the market that will take higher temperatures and last longer. In fact, this header wrap can withstand intermittent temperatures of 3000°F, making it the only wrap to use on your forced induction or racing application. You can actually wrap the header with Inferno Wrap, run it, heat it up, and then unwrap Inferno Wrap from the header when needed. Wrap or "coil" Inferno Wrap around your header pipe, using overlap to hold itself in place.

The Inferno Wrap is asbestos free and is made from a base high quality silica yarn. It is noncombustible. It is also water and fungus resistant. Always wear gloves, safety glasses and dust mask when handling this product. Long sleeves are also recommended.

Heatshield Products Hose Protection - Prices start from £11.41

Heat shield sleeves can not only keep components cool, but also keep you moving! Shielding fuel lines can prevent vapor lock and cavitation. Shielding AC lines can help to keep your drive more enjoyable even in the hottest summer months. Shielding critical wire harnesses can prevent them from premature failure. Keep the oil flowing into your transmission or turbo oil line by shielding it from heat.

Heatshield Thermal Barriers - Prices start from £29.17

Thermal barriers are designed to shield radiant heat. This can protect you from uncomfortable conditions by using on the firewall, floor pan and above exhaust system. It can also be used to improve the optimum performance of cold air intake systems.

Heatshield Thermal Insulating Tapes - Price start from £17.63

Heat shield tapes reflect radiant heat away from wires, lines, cables, and hoses. Has reflective heat shield on one side and high-temp adhesive on the other to withstand radiant heat to 1100°F continuous and 500°F direct contact.

Heatshield Thermal Ties - Prices start from £15.72

Heat shield stainless steel locking ties are the easiest and best way to fasten any type of high temperature insulation, use in any application where high strength fastener is needed.

If you have any questions regarding Heatshield Products then feel free to give us a call on 01209 202944, email us at sales@opieoils.co.uk or just ask us on the forum and we will be more than happy to help.

- Opie Oils

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