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Ben's Mk5 Radiant Red Fiuma Project

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I won't be copying all 90 pages from ZSOC, but I'll give a small selection of changes over the last 7 years.

Bought in May 2008- Bedminster, Bristol - for the grand total of £2195 with a years tax, years mot, years warranty AND tank of petrol 52199 miles

How it stands in March 2015:

1.7L Zetec Puma 16v (engine cover painted red)
220mm Kelvar plate clutch.
JR Panel Filter.
Air box bung removed.
Cold Air feed to upper front grille.
Denso iridium spark plugs.
Magnex 3.5" new style outwardly rolled cat back exhaust(silencers removed).

Milltek Race 4-2-1 manifold, de-cat and flexi.

Tape ECU - Remapped to run 99ron fuel, raised rev limit to 7400 and torque limiters removed.

Powder coated black/silver engine bay plates.

AP coilovers.

20.5mm axle spacers.
3mm rear wheel spacers.
5mm front wheel spacers.
300mm Mondeo mk3 calipers/Focus ST170 discs brake upgrade, mintex pads.
Red front lower strut brace.
Red front upper strut brace.
Rear polybushes.

SONY CDX501-U head unit with IPOD and 3.5mm connection.
2x Pioneer 120W TS1376 Speakers.
Boot build - Carpeted spare alloy, jack and tow eye mount.
Red sprayed interior vents, speedometer surround and door handle surrounds.
Puma alloy gear knob.
Tailored mats.
Mk6 Escort RS2000 seats, reitrimmed in chequered zetec s material.
Focus ST170 centre console.
Mk1 Focus handbrake.

De-tangoed headlights.
Headlight reflectors in red.
Resprayed mirrors and spoiler (hiding the usual Ford red/pink fading).
Re-badged front grille.
Red Ford logo mudflaps (one of a kind).
ZSOC regional decals.
Fiesta Freestyle front upper grille.
Chrome window bolt covers.
Genuine Sierra Cosworth RS500 wheels.

Smoked side repeaters.
Ka rear wiper.
Bonnet bra.
Red painted calipers.
Black painted drums.
Genuine MHW rear lights.
Team Heko wind deflectors.
Triple R Composites front splitter.
Triple R Composited rear diffuser.

Puma wiper arms.

How it started, May 2008


And now:


Its gone through a lot of changes......

No splitter, Laguna splitter and now Triple R Composites

Standard suspension, Gmax 40mm, Spax 40mm damping adjustable and now AP coilovers

Standard wheels, standard with St170 centre caps, Sport ka wheels in Anthracite, Mondeo ST24 turbine wheels, Team Dynamics Pro Race 3s and now Cosworth RS500 wheels.

No spacers, 20mm axle spacers, 3 mm front spacers then 10mm extended studs, 12mm wheel spacers and now back to 5mm front.

Semi stripped interior, re fitted, stripped, half fitted, now fitted with spare wheel boot build.

Standard rear lights, tinted, standard, euro reverse (twin reverse look) and now genuine MHWs.

Standard seats, FRK Sparco Torinos, now retrimmed mk6 Escort RS2000 seats

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2011 feature.


My friend Robs car that we painted THE DAY BEFORE with rattle cans lol

Rob and his girlfriend jen came up to stay. Arrived at 9pm, Stripped the car by Midnight. Got up and bought the paint and sanding stuff and started again on Saturday at 11.30am, worked on and off until 11pm. Got up on the Sunday (meet day) and finished at 9.30am with 10 mins left before we had to leave.

Epic weekend

Green to matt black in 10 hours 45 minutes work




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1.7 Puma engine on 66k with Tape ecu bought.

Full assortment of service bits also bought:

oil filter @ £3.49
Sump plug and washer @ £3.99
4x NGK spark plugs @ £17 ish
5W30 engine oil 5L @ £10.00
Power steering fluid 1L @ £8.48
250ml top up of Dot 4 brake fluid @£4.99
Coolant 5L mix @ £19.99
1m of fuel hose + 2 clips £7.54
75W90 gearbox oil 3L @ £17.66
New genuine expansion tank @ £13.76

Everything delivered for those prices so under £100 for everything biggrin.gif

Delivered to my mate Ed in Southampton who agreed to prep and paint it before fitting.




Fiesta is an easy swap so we may have had a few beers before removing the engine (not recommended!)






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Thermostat housing shat itself so that got replaced along with my 2nd windscreen in 6 months.


JS red induction hose has gone on and bought a pair of original headlight protectors on the cheap thatll be fitted soon.
Recent problem on occasion, at no particular revs, power etc the traction control/abs lights with flash on for about a second, the power will drop slightly then resume.
Also, while driving, again at no particular time the exterior lights will dim then come back to full brightness again.
Dodgy battery, alternator or something else was the thoughts.
Turned out to be the crank sensor. No idea how it could be related but its happened before to a number of people and Andrew Coombes was the man in the know.
Meet at the start of October at the London Motor Museum, organised by Emma, ended in a Performance Ford feature and a small piece in about the car.



His and hers




And thats how its stayed until now (March 2015)

Insurance this year at £299.
must be getting old.....
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Great looking car you've got there mate and the performance to go with it. Always liked these cars wish I had got one years ago.

Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC

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Cheers guys :)

I love that everyone has always had a different view on the wheels, whether good or bad.

Id say the anthracite sport kas were my favourite too. Had a ripple of blue and loads of clearance behind for mondeo/st170 brakes

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The week started so well.....




And then:


Look at the !Removed! wear on the inside edge too. That tyre has been on for 2000 miles.....

Finally getting to bin these !Removed! Toyo T1Rs. Whoever says they are epic tyres for grip and usage.....theyre lying.


Up up up and away. Couldnt even get my trolley jack under there with the flat.

Low entry jack required. Recommendations?


Removed the skirts while it was up and removed 8kg of crap. 2 screws, 6 bolts, 10 mins. Do it!

Loads just under the jacking point


And finally these arrived. Should be a lot lot better than the toyos


4 day wait for these in the South West. Minimum 6 days for one of the only place in Britain to deliver the last of the Pilot Exalto 2s in 195-45-15s

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Couple of weeks with the S Drives now and im !Removed! happy with them in the wet and dry. Easily pick them over other tyres for the same money.

Few pics from a detail from System Clenz for Fiesta In The Park, and a few pics with my mate Jess' Orange zs









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