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Ford Fiesta Mk6 Ghia. Mod Ideas For Looks On Inside And Out Please Guys!

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I really need help guys, I got a fiesta mk6 for my first car the other day and want to make it look better. Thanks guys

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Facelift front & rear lights, maybe fit bixenon projectors and HIDs? I've got a guide on this on my profile.

Zetec S front & rear bumpers. Or. Maybe even just facelift bumpers? I have a rear facelift bumper in primer for sale.

I'm also breaking my mk6 Fiesta , check out the thread on my profile.

Led number plate LEDs look good. Also, LED side lights.

Indicator detango? Don't forget clear side repeaters!

Window tints.

Stubby airial

Debadge the rear

Spray all grey plastics gloss black.

Hydrodipping of wing mirror covers? (I reccomend RadeCustoms!)

Try lowering it too, along with some nice aftermarket alloys.

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The facelift headlights look like this


You could spray the bump strips on the side, the front grills/fog light surround, the door pillar plastics, the black handle on the boot! That's what I did.

Ill link you to my build log in a second & also to my HID headlight conversion too.

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You have to spray them yourself. You can buy them coloured but they're just what people have removed from there cars after spraying

If you're after interior mods then check out my build log. I've done a full high spec ICE install, along with a hydrodipped centre console & door handles. Also installed footwell LEDs in the front and back, along with an LED strip in the boot. I've also changed the LEDs in the heated screen switches to blue. Genuine fiesta car mats also look great!

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