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Just wondering if as well as ambient light, are the autoheadlamps on some kind of daylight timer??

Reason I ask is that sometimes in a morning, early on, even i its very light, the headlights are on, but later on in the day, even if it seems a bit darker, the lights stay off. Wondered if they were on some kind of day/night timer kind of thing.

Example.... Driving to work yesterday, 7AM. M55 very bright, but lights on. Later on at around 4PMish, seemed to be to be darker, but lights off.

Just wondering???

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I've got auto lights on my fiesta TX, they're on some kind of light sensor I think, where it is though who knows? For instance when I go into a darkened multi storey car park they come on, as soon as I'm out of its shadows they go off again, and yesterday with the eclipse they came on as well

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It could be because of the level of the sun. If the sun isn't high but it's still bright the sensor might still think it's dark enough for the lights to come on. I wouldn't worry though, just as long as they come on when it's neccassary it shouldn't be a problem. :)

I believe the sensor for the lights and wipers is in the same unit and its behind the rear view mirror.

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agreed. Basically the sensor is in the protected area of the windscreen, just behind the mirror. the angle of light entry determines the sensors response, so a low sunlight obscured by the sensor would not strictly be seen. Otherwise if the light is coming from a more "straight up" angle, the light spreads across the sensor.

There is no timer on these things :)

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