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Engine Judder/low Revs


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After some help if anybody experienced this, I bought a 2006 C Max in January, at low Revs the engine judders and holds back give it more gas it runs fine happens mainly at 30mph in second and 3rd gears.

The machine said the EGR was frozen so I got it replaced, it ran better with a less violent judder, so now had major service done all filters including fuel filter, and yes it still is doing it!!!

Its also feels as if the hand break it on, this has been checked and ruled out.

Iv been told the turbo isn't in good shape but before I get this replaced as its a big cost, could it be anything else a simple fix :(

It ticks over fine at stationary, can't see it be a injector fault but again they are a high cost!!

Any help be greatful

1.6 TDCI puegoet engine iv been told

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I had the same problem. When I took my car back they originally plugged it in and it came up "low fuel pressure" so they changed the fuel filter. It ran ok for a day or so then went back to juddering and cutting out. I took back again they then said it was the MAF sensor so they replaced it and I've had no trouble since.

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