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Battery Maintenance


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Hi everyone

I was wondering if anyone might be able to help with what might seem like a bit of a basic question (apologies!). I recently (and rather stupidly) allowed the battery to run a bit low through the basic stupidity of failing to remove the keys from the ignition of my vehicle. Fortunately it has recovered after several journeys but it did make me think that purchasing a mains battery charger might be a wise investment. I opened the battery cover to check the connections and noticed that although the positive terminal is easily accessible, the negative terminal appears to out of sight underneath the vehicle windscreen. I was wondering if anyone could provide any assistance with some sort of pointer/description/diagram/photo to where the negative terminal is. Many thanks!

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If you look in your handbook it should tell you where to make connections for jump-starting the car - in cases where they decide to hide battery terminals under other parts of the car there's often a remote earth point/12V live they instruct you to connect to instead.

Engine lifting brackets often double up as these.

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