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Fiesta Mk6 Aircon Dont Work


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My old fiesta mk6 2007 that my brother has now has a problem

Its been regassed by 2 garages now for 30 quid a time and lasts a month then all leaked out, the compressor dont start now but heard thats a safety thing when no gas in system as it has oil for lubrication. Reakon i have a slow leak why is the machine now picking it up? I cba with the dye test , surly when they suck the old stuff out it would show a leak? I pressed the valve other day slight hiss and nothing so all gas as gone again

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Condensor is most likely culprit on most cars. Dye test will locate the issue. You could try a top up with a leak fix which has worked for me, but depends on how bad the leak is.

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Dont take it back to the 2 garages you allready been, they obviously havent got a clue.

nitrogen is the best and enviromently best option, those 2 garages are actually breaking the law just regassing knowing theres a leak somewhere

2008/9 onwards dont seem to have condensor problems yet.

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