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Mk7.5 Aftermarket Alarm System


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On my previous vehicle, I had a Clifford Concept G4 alarm system - literally got it installed not long after purchasing it.

Having owned my Fiesta for nearly 2 months now, I've already fitted a dummy ODB port (hidden the real one). I've also purchased a category 3 thatcham steering lock.

Now I have been thinking about, it is really worth investing in an aftermarket alarm system? I've been looking at the Viper (http://www.securemycar.co.uk/Ford-focus-rs-stolen-viper-car-alarm.html) and seem to work well with the keyless Fords with start button. Loads of neat features with the LCD Viper fob - watch the YouTube video on their site.

Have any of you lot had an aftermarket alarm system fitted? Pros & Cons?

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I am currently considering an aftermarket alarm for my titanium, but not sure which to go for. I am waiting for my usual alarm guy to become available to discuss the options (he has a large fleet of cars to fit alarms to). I am looking at a Cat 1 Cobra system but will see what he recommends.

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I do know that you need a CANBUS alarm system (Viper for example), as the Cliffords can/have conflicted with the standard Ford perimeter - causing issues (apparently).

Meaning Clifford will not be on my chosen selection list this time round.

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I upgraded my factory perimeter alarm to the Thatcham cat.1 alarm, just like the alarm from the ST.

Works great, but it was a lot of work to get it working. I prefer OEM options, so it was worth the effort.

I have no experience with aftermarket alarms.

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