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Fiesta Mk7.5 Splitter Without Bodykit Found


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right guys as always browsing the net and came across this as I really like it thinking of getting it but I haven't heard of anyone using them apart from one instance but no photos and another couple in america but again no photos so wondering if anyone on here has used them for a splitter i know they do RS body ktis for fiesta that's ment to be good but never seen there splitter for fiesta without bodykit

i have a image of there one for a st


But here is a image on there site for the one without bodykit


If you have interest on this or any comments fire ahead :)

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That doesn't look too bad matey. Seen there stuff on ebay a few times and they're a decent price as well!

If you get one, you'll get hounded to get the St diffuser :P

Haha canny take you no where lol!

Am getting the st diffuser and then getting this buddy gives ma car a unique look (copying the new fiesta R2 a little but don't like the front skirt with no side skirts and don't fancy paying around 700 for all that ahha

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