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Adding Optional Extras After Purchase


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Took delivery of a new fiesta ST 2 weeks ago but theres a few extras i would like; the folding mirrors and also integrated sat nav. Was just wondering if anybody knows if its possible to get these extras fitted to the car by Ford now or if its something that had to be done on the production line?

An idea of price would be greatly appreciated aswell!



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It's likely you'd be able to upgrade to the folding mirrors, hopefully that's a case of buying and fitting new parts plus using some software to enable them - ELMconfig allows this to be done on mk2 Focus.

But for the integrated sat nav I think that will be a much more complicated upgrade if it was to be done by a dealer, maybe different fascia needed for the instrument panel, new NAV unit needed plus looms within the dash, GPS antenna, NAV module, and so on. If the main wiring harness doesn't support these then you're looking at a complete strip out to replace that etc. I'd let someone with more experience of looking into this confirm or blow my comments out of the water ;)

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Theres no way of using ELM config with the fiesta at the moment and ford themselves would struggle to activate additional features using there IDS system. iNath did get this feature working on a Mk7 Fiesta but did state at the time that the Mk7.5 wasn't possible.

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