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Battery Output ?


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anyone know what the battery puts out when fully charged ??

i have a power magic pro fitted for a dash cam set to disable the camera at 11.8 volts but may change the setting.

i would like to check the voltage after the car has been stood
overnight but some days i do a lot of stop start driving and i don't
think the battery is getting a full charge.

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Voltage should be at least 12.4 I'd say, although some people say as low as 12 would be okay which I'd probably would assuming the car started straight away

With the engine running it should be around 14.4v

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I checked the voltage last night about 10pm with a meter it was 12.3v and with the engine running it was 14.75v

car does a lot of very short stop start in the week and i have my dashcams running 24/7 i have a power magic pro that is set to cut the cameras if the battery drops below 11.8v and yesterday as i opened the car door the cameras shut down so i know the battery is getting some hammer.(the car is almost 3 months old)

looking for some ideas to keep the battery maintained,ive been told the solar panels are a waste of time.

(allan who is stoney ??)

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I use a voltage monitor because diesels are hard on batteries (about a 2v dip when glowplugs are working) plus having lights/wipers/dashcam/aircon/demisters etc on at this time of year and not always being able to do long runs can pull a battery down quite rapidly.

The monitor enables me to tell if I need to do a good run to refresh the battery.

Basically by watching the voltage levels I get a heads-up if a bit of topping up is required.

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I plug in a voltage meter while driving to monitor power levels when operating lights/wipers/dashcam/aircon etc.

Cheap but effctive-


got one off e-bay from china 3,1/2 year ago for £1-30p inc p&p,they work great.I have had better service from china/hong kong than this country.

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