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Clutch Problems/stiff Gear Changes...


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Hi, after reading these forums I decided to go for a ford focus as my first car, covering the most common faults I was glad that mine didn't have any of them :) but now owning the car for 3 months...

I have a problem which is driving me nuts, its hard to get into 1st gear. When it doesn't go in first I have to press the clutch down again and it goes in/or when i fully stop then it just goes in (without even the need to repress the clutch down). Note, that was a bit of clunking noise when releasing the clutch (past the biting point) when I just bought the car which doesn't happen anymore, so i'm thinking it was just because I was a new driver and was getting to the biting point.

Recently Its either in my head or its just getting more annoying to shift through gears, their a bit stiff and not as smooth as they should be.

Car: 2006 mk2 ford focus, petrol, 1.6 and close to 100k.

Problem: Hard to get in 1st (without depressing clutch again, when downshifting obviously)

Other notes: clutch isn't slipping, but I do have to press it fully down (right to the floor) to disengage the clutch

There is crunch when switching to reverse

Has anyone experienced this before? Thanks :)

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have you checked the fluid levels in the brake reservoir?

It covers both the brakes and clutch.

Could also be a worn CSC (concentric slave cylinder), this is what operates the clutch when you press the pedal.

TBH, Fords tend to have high biting points on the clutch pedal so having a very low bite point does sound like a loss of pressure to me.


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As stoney said I've had slave cylinders leak an easy tell is look under the car at the gearbox you can usually see oil leak from the join as stoney said you'll find the brake fluid is low.....my old clutch didn't slip either but it went and there was nothing left of it when they took it out

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try looking at a post I have done for "Stiff gears" sounds like the same common thing....... or youtube fiesta stiff gears.

it will show you the problem and cure :)

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