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My Fiesta Zs Mk7

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Hey all,

Purchased my mk7 Fiesta Zetec S about 3 week ago now and I am in love with her!

Previously had an 05 plate Focus Ghia but wanted something with a bit more go about it, so I went for the ZS :)

Thought I'd start a build thread as I've added a couple of small mods to get me started.

Quite a few more in the pipeline which I will get round to when funds allow it.

Went for a spin the day I picked her up and got a few shots.



First (cost effective) mods was some gel overlays, an 'S' sticker on the steering wheel (I feel this should be standard for the ZS) and also an 'S' badge for the front grille (Big thanks to nathmogz7 for the badge!)




I've just finished putting some Team Heko wind deflectors on & some Osram Nightbreakers on which i'll post when I can get a decent pic.

Never done any mods to my cars as I was always worried I'd do more damage than good, but felt pretty accomplished when I fitted the Nightbreakers :D

Others mods I have on my list:

  • Gel Overlays for the wheel caps
  • Smoked rear lights
  • Milltek cat back exhaust
  • ST180 rear valance so the exhaust sits well
  • K&N Air Filter
  • Blue chip remap

Will probably end up wanting more once these have been added but let's take it one at a time :)

Hope you guys like!


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