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Geared Wheel Info Display


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Could somebody explain this to me:

On the info display there are 5 icons, cd, radio, aux and phone, the last one is a sort off geared wheel.

It is is visible when using the key in keylock and remains visible during driving.

There is no expanation in the manual and my garage can't explain it either.

Maybe it is nothing alarming but I would like to know what the meaning of it is.

Regards, Roeland


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Is it not the icon when you go into the menu to change the vehicle settings ?

Hi Russellf, it could be but is not clear to me and there i nowhere any explanation about it nor in the manual or my garage. So I'm still uncertain about this whole icon.

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Yes its settings menu

Hi Wombilly, thnx, but at firts the cog wasn't visible and now it remains visible.

So, if I understand correctly the cog(wheel) becomes visible when made changes in setting and remains there to remember??

Regards, Roeland

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I think the geared wheel icon is '' settings '' ?

Hi, it could be but when going to settings it does not light op red like all the others.

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