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2008 1.6 Tdci Titanium??

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After much thought Im really considering getting this 1.6 tdci. Now I have had many discussions on here before about this but considering the potential turbo & dpf problems with these, is it worth getting?

A lot of town driving but deff some motorway miles around 2-3 times per month? This does have full service history Aswell so imagine it would have been looked after. In two minds about this so trying to see what opinions I can get before giving In and getting it?

Thanks here is the car in question....


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The 1.6 tdci do seem to have a reputation for turbo failure, the 1.8 tdci or the 2.0 tdci seem to be more reliable, the towing eye cover is missing on that one has the car been towed after a breakdown? or has someone just pinched the cover?

At least the 1.8 is the old 8 valve ford engine with common rail injection & no dpf, I'd rather one of those.

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ok, the more I talk about the 1.6tdci the more it puts me off getting it so think il just stick with getting a petrol.

Because the 3 door black is so rare, finding one at less than £5k is hard lol.

There is this 1.6 petrol I was also considering but in the description there is nothing about service history which worries me a bit, seeing as I live in Hampshire its a far way to travel to Manchester. Let me know what you guys think as if its worth it im going to get it at the end of the month if its still there....


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