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Recharging/refilling Aircon

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I'm working on a crash damaged ka (mk2 2011) at the moment. It's taken a fairly light knock on the front. It has AC and the AC condenser was damaged so I took it off today. It had already dropped it's gas/coolant when it was damaged and a little extra trickled out today when I took the hoses off.

My question is recharging. Is this a job I can do myself. I thought not but a quick google/youtube shows it people recharging A/C. I don't think this is the same as getting the system going from empty?

Any advice appreciated.


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A garage with a proper test and refill kit is far more reliable.

A nitrogen pressure test with UV dye will confirm integrity before pumping in the refrigerant.

You could do it yourself with cans but would use quite a few and unless you know the correct capacity of the system you could cause problems.

Cans are fine for a quick top-up though.

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Seems like the sort of thing you should be able to do. It's a shame Ford don't put in the handbook the capacity of the system. How do garages know how much to put in?

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Found some info online. It requires 500 grams of R134A and 95ml of PAG46 oil. Prices for the stuff to do it would be about £40-50. I think I can get a garage to do it for that, maybe less without all the hassle.

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Dont mess about, just get a garage to do it, as if you havent got it sealed properly , it will all escape. Garage will put a vacuum on the system first so they know it wont leak and remove moisture, before putting refridgerant in., air con gas nasty stuff in the wrong hands.

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