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Terrible Grand C-Max


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I picked up a Grand c-max in January after much searching for the next family car for the following 5 years. Picked up a 14 plate one with 4,500 miles on the clock. An ex for management car I was told! 1.6 182ps engine titanium x trim.

So far the fault list goes like this:

Passenger wing mirror stopped working.

DAB radio is terrible. Cuts out non stop.

Acceleration is lumpy. Feels like the car is jumping up the power curve

Knocking sound coming from the Driver's B-pillar

Drivers side rear sliding door sits closer to the car than the passenger side so that the panels don't line up.

The MPG is no where near the quoted. I average 28mpg whilst trying to be as gentle as possible.

When the fuel gauge is beyond the empty point it actually has 15litres left in it.

Today the plastic surround of the driver's seat snapped off as I got out the car.

Air conditioning is almost non existent.

I've never been so disappointed to own a car in the entire time I have been a driver.

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still under warranty is It ?? ex management car sounds as if they ragged it too death with all the known faults


Yes it is under warranty. The issue I see with the plastic round the driver's seat is that it's going to continuously snap off. It's a very poor design. As you get out the car, downward pressure is applied to it as you move off the edge of the seat. The plastic is just too high up the seat.

Car is booked in for TWO days to go through all of the issues.

Oh and I've got a spider INSIDE the rear light cluster... How does it get in there exactly??

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Ours has been completely reliable, sorry to hear the problems you are having, but we do have one thing in common - a dead spider in e reversing light!

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