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18" St Rims Refurb Project

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Hi. Decided to redo my ST rims. I had them sprayed white before but after a year on the Irish streets they had gotten a bit scratched and curbed so I decided to refurb them myself


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Silver spray paint was Simoniz silver (4 cans). And finished them with 2 cans Simoniz clear lacquer.

I took a week to sand down all rough edges and scratches. (80,120,400,800 grit paper) Didn't use any fillers. I Usually did an hour sanding every evening after work. Painted them on the weekend.

Prep work is key!! The finish you get depends on the level of prep done.

I post another pic when I have a chance to put them on the car.

Hope it helps


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An electric orbital sander would speed things up big time. I didn't have one.


I did refurb one of my alloys the other week using a orbital sander and primer filler, although got new st alloys and like that colour of silver you used so might do all my alloys that colour aswell.

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