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Free Breakdown Cover With Ford Dealer Servicing...

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Does anyone know if the breakdown assistance that Ford include with their servicing is provided by them or is the work contracted out to Green Flag or something? Just wondering if it's any good.

I know Ford servicing is usually not worth the extra cost over independent garages, but my breakdown cover is due so it might work out a good deal if Ford are including that too. Anyone know if it's worth it?

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It seems like a pretty good deal then, the cover seems quite good. Does anyone know if there's any kind of catch such as having to get all repairs carried out by Ford for the cover to remain valid?


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nope, cover is valid for 12 months or until next service, then its renewed for another 12 months at next service.

if your car is 4years plus old then you could have the cheaper motorcraft minor or major service and still get same breakdown cover

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It's AA cover but check the dealer tells them otherwise cover lapses. I just found out when AA wrote to me saying cover expired in January. Rang my dealer and all sorted now you get a confirmation letter from dealer.

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