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Few Faults - Help Needed


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Did a fault code read on the CMax today as when its starting it pushes out a plume of smoke so I was thinking that the glow plugs are on the way out. Any how, it turned up a few more errors then I counted on!

I got:

P0380 - Glow plug/heater circuit A malfunction
P0691 - Fan 1 Control circuit low
P0002 - Fuel volume regulator control circuit range/performance
P0092 - Fuel pressure regulator 1 control circuit high

Now I have noticed that in the fuel pipe from the fuel filter to the rail I have few bubbles.

The car is slightly lumpy when it starts but drives and pulls fine and is not showing an engine light.

Can any one offer any advice or anything I can try before a trip to the garage?

Just to add:

They all seem to be electrical problems and having searched around for the fault codes the wiring all seems to be in the same place.

The car has recently had a new starter motor and power cable and the pollen filter had been changed. I'm wondering if the wiring has been disturbed in the engine bay or the footwell?

Is this a plausible idea?

Its a 2.0 TDCi 2004 BTW.

Thanks in advance smile.gif


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