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Ford Five Hundred - Drl's


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I own a 2007 Ford Five Hundred SEL. I just got some great DRL from iJDMToy.

I want these lights to come on with the ignition. I checked my fuse box and found there's a fuse slot for Fog Lightsa, not in use.

I connected the positive wire of fogs to the fuse slot, tested both ends, no matter what I do (and no matter what fuse I try) the lights stay ON and do not turn on/off with ignition on/off, they just stay ON.

How can I connect these so the Ignition on/off (which is only a relay not a fuse) turn on/off my lights?

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The fuse will be the feed for the switch, hence always live. Take a feed for the ignition from the radio. Take a feed for the lights from the interior switch lighting or side light

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Now that means running wire through the firewall correct?

Which one is it do I grab the feed from the fuse, ignition/radio, or lighting inside?

To my knowledge interior lights are always live? They don't go on with ignition, they go on when the door opens?

The radio makes the most sense to me, I have to find the ignition wire and splice into it?? I have splicers so I won't need to cut anything.


Does this help?


Do I use the Ignition 1 wire and tap into that with the positive cable for my lights?



Car Radio Accessory Switched 12v+ Wire: Black/Pink

Is that the wire?

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