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Leather Seat Upgrade


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I currently drive a 62 plate Fiesta ZS with the standard non heated red/grey cloth seats. I am going to buy a set of heated Ford Modena full leather fron/rear seats for the ZS. Im assuming the seat footprints are the same, so will fit. The obvious difference is the heating, which for the moment I am not bothered about and they may have airbags in the Modena, not sure, butmy question is will the plugs at the base of the Modena seats

fit the plugs for my current seats. Do Ford use the same plug for the seatbelt signals for example regardless of seat type?.

Thank you all in advance.

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Modena? Ferrari?

Or Mondeo?

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The optional full leather interior for Fiesta is known as Modena Leather - presumably sourced from Italy. Very nice it is too and well worth the extra. :-)

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I do have the full Modena leather in my Titanium, much prefer this over standard cloth seats. Easier to keep clean to, with some decent leather wipes.

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