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Induction Kit Query


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Just fitted a powertec induction and gone for a blast in it, but the noise doesn't kick in until 3k rpm, is this right with all the other kits available? It seems to take ages to get to that amount of revs as if there is a slight delay. In my previous car MK7 Zetec S, as soon as I floored the accelerator the induction noise was almost instant. Could there be an issue with my ST? Any thing I needed to check, adjust the accelerator cable or something?

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Your Fiesta will very likely have a drive by wire throttle so there's no cable as such which you could adjust. Does your engine have any sort of variable valve timing? that could affect when you get the noise affect of the open filter kicking in more noticeably.

If the car isn't building revs like it used to I'd suggest you recheck everything is plumbed in properly and there's no leaking joints or restricted pipework.

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