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Guide: Fitting Boot Door Tow Strap Ford Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5


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Guide: Fitting Boot Door Tow Strap Ford Focus Mk2 and Mk2.5

I've created this guide to show how one of these Tow Straps can be fitted as a boot pull handle,

Which in my opinion is functional, modified appearance and adds a new twist to the use of this increasingly popular item.

A detailed background regarding the original purpose of these straps is viewable in the first post below this guide.

I've purchased a Blue SPARCO branded Tow Strap from eBay Link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/171845269997



Tools Required:

T25 Torx,

Dremil Style Rotary Tool,

Small drill bit head,

Masking Tape,


Set Square or Ruler,

Roll Gaffer Tape,

First Step,

Open the boot door,


Remove the parcel shelve,


Then using a T25 Torx;

Unscrew the panel retaining screw from both pockets in the panel as saw in images below:





With both screw's removed;

Place one hand on the metal boot door,


Place other hand in the pocket of the plastic handle and pull downwards,


The panel will unclip as saw in image below, this separation process makes a lot of noise when the plastic is unclipping.


Repeat the grip and pull process on the opposite side to remove the plastic panel completely.


With the panel now removed,

Lift out the green insulation pad and set it to one side,



Using masking tape,

Apply a strip to the area slightly above the drivers side pocket inset of the plastic handle,

Draw a line that is within close alignment with the top of the pocket insert;

Line up the metal bracket of the tow strap with the centre screw hole of this pocket,

Mark out the width you require the slot to be.


When the markings are exactly as you would like;

Obtain the Dremil Rotary tool and cut out the markings,



Trial fit the metal bracket and adjust slot to size as required,

NOTE: the panel is quite flexible meaning the Tow Strap can be squeezed through a small slot rather than boring bigger try work it through as small as possible.

Remove masking tape followed by;

A few fire lit matches held closely above the cut slot will gently melt the rough edge that's left behind from cutting the slot,


My initial plan was to sandwich the metal bracket of the tow strap to the space between the plastic pocket on the panel


The metal bracket of the boot door as saw above;

The alignment is correct in such way the Tow Strap bracket hole is in alignment where the Torx screw would secure it like a washer between both panels,

This plan proved to be 100% possible,

However i became concerned that the tow strap metal may rub off the boot panel metal bracket causing the paint to strip and rust,

End result.

As a precaution i used a series of small Gaffer tape strips to hold the Tow strap bracket secure to the inside of the panel which performs just as good without any risk of scuffing paint.


Whichever mounting option you choose

A: fit to Torx screw like a Washer,


B: Secure Bracket with Tape

At this point its time to refit the foam padding,

If fitting the Tow bracket to the Torx screw; a Stanley blade is required to cut a slot in the foam allowing the bracket to easily pass through.

Refit the foam padding,

Return to the car offer up the plastic boot panel,

When aligned correctly; slap the panel in to place using the palm of your hand while gripping the metal boot door in other hand,


Refit the two T25 Torx retaining screws in to the bottom of the plastic panel !Removed! in until hand tight.


Job Done, B)




I hope this guide has helped you achieve desired results,

You may also like to view my full list of guides can be viewed on my profile page:



If your using the forum App follow this link:


The use of TOW Straps and Tow Rings is becoming increasingly popular among the Modified Car enthusiast scene in all categories,

The idea originated in the JDM scene and seems to have grown from there,

There true original purpose is for them to be bolted/secured to the "TOW eye"

In front and rear bumpers for Track day Racing,

Where the vehicle can be hooked on to via this Tow strap and pulled out of the 90 degree hair pin sand pit.

However a growing number of enthusiasts like to fit them in more non functional aesthetically pleasant locations on there motor such as lower grills;



My personal opinion of using them in this way is a fear that if clamped and being Towed or unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident,

A Pickup truck may attempt to Tow from this location thus creating even further damage to the vehicle.

If i was to fit a Tow Strap to the front bumper of my focus id use this exact kit and fit it where its supposed to be functioning.

Link: http://www.autospecialists.co.uk/Focus-Mk2-ST--RS-Race-Tow-Strap-kit---available-in-7-colours-Product-1273.html

With that said;

I think the way people are fitting them is great and very aesthetically pleasant but sadly a risk of doing damage in the event an individual perceived it to be a legitimate towing point.

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that is a nice touch Lenny, never thought of using it for that. I have one attached to my sump guard and its for aesthetics only.

Looks excellent mate,

The blue goes nicely with the grills and body colour.

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