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Focus Mk2 Estate 2.0, Can I Fit A Turbo Conversion?

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Hi there, first time ford owner here.

I have recently purchased a 2007 focus estate 2.0 petrol automatic.

I was wondering if it is possible to fit a turbo conversion to this engine?

If so, what would I need to complete the conversion.?

Also I was wondering what other 'tasty' non-ricer mods are available for this car?



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Fitting a turbo to any petrol makes for good umph, but its never a straight and simple task. Wiring, pipework, mounting etc all make things difficult, and the engine isnt designed in the most economic way to support one.

I would be thinking realistically, the cost to install and insure such mods and the effort involved would be detrimental to just going out there and buying a new car.

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Cheers for your advice.

Does anybody know where I can buy performance cams in the UK?

What other 'small' engine mods can be done?

Would people recommend replacing the panel filter or fitting an enclosed filter with cold air intake?

Also looking for a bit more of a nicer sound from the engine/exhaust under acceleration but without spending a fortune on an exhaust, any suggestions?

Cheers, Mike.

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