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St170 Won't Start Rev!

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Hi all I've searched the net on various forums and not getting any answers was wondering if anyone can help..... I have a 2002 focus st170 I had the car for a few days and it was running fine, then all of a sudden it lost all power above say 2500 rpm and all it seemed to be was induction noise or like a vacuum leak I got the car home and while looking at it outside the car dogged out as if it run out of fuel! I went and got fuel and put 2 gallons in when trying to start it it still wouldn't start the only way I can start it is but disconnecting the air control valve intill it fires then plugging it back in then the car will idol but soon as u go to rev it chocks it's self and won't rev.... I changed the imrc as the cable wasn't moving when cranking it now it is but no difference in the car I also changed the air control valve and throttle boddie still the same.... Today I disconnected the fuel filter inlet pipe and cranked the car there was no fuel? Should there be or not? Any help would be great thanks guys!!

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