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Hi All, I recently purchased a 1.6 petrol 2005 Zetec climate Mk2 Focus and apart from some other niggly problems the one that's bugging me is the gear change!

It's fine from 1st to 2nd to 3rd to 4th and 5th plus reverse, but when I slow down for a corner or junction and want to go from 5th to 3rd it's a real fiddle trying to get it to engage.

If I go from 5th to 4th then 3rd it's ok but not from 5th to 3rd. Selecting any lower gears ie: 4th to 3rd to 2nd to 1st are perfect.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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Hmm. When I were a lad, we was learnt to go down the gears one at a time, so you have to say that is a possibility, even if it is not what you want to do.

Presumably, the change gets more co-operative if you double de-clutch?

OTOH, it is possible that the synchro is worn and not as powerful as it would be on a new car (all this missing out gears!), but as you'd have to disassemble the gearbox to do anything about that, you might choose to ignore that possibility.

Another possibility, particularly if the gear change is worse when the oil is cold, is that the oil needs changing. How many miles has the car done?

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Thanks for the reply BOF. It's done 91,000 with full service history and well maintained.

The problem to me feels like there's a gate in the selector box beneath the gear lever that's partially worn.

Either that or a selector rod is mis-aligned, the gearbox is otherwise very smooth and quite and it makes no difference if it's

hot or cold!!

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I have 'occasionally' had this happen to me 3.0 V6 Mondy going from 5th straight to 3rd, but I ddclutch it now if the situation calls for it but am getting older so don't do approaches as quickly and go from 5 to 4 then 3^_^

Ps no misalignment of rods nice smooth box all weathers....


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