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Left Radio Has Stopped Working - Wiring Problem?


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Bought my first car recently, a 2001 mk4 Fiesta and love it. Sadly I didn't notice when first looking at it that the left speaker didn't produce any sound. If I set the balance all the way to the left and max the volume I can just about hear it but it sounds slightly staticy/robotic.

Having been told the speaker blew I bought some new ones, fitted them after learning how and found that the exact same problem exists (at the point tried all 4 of the Speakers in the left side).

I have a quick look at the wiring behind the speaker and behind the radio but without knowing what is what all I can confirm is that all cables are attached and it atleast looks fine.

What's my next step to getting this done? Can I buy new wiring and somehow fit it myself (will include learning how to do so) or should I get a quote from a mechanic/electrician?


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Could you provide pictures of the wiring setup?

If its sounding a bit tinny when at max volume though it could be a blown component in the Radio itself.

Is this the original Ford Radio thats in it?

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