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Fiesta 2015 Update


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Hello everyone! Has anyone else seen this? (Bottom of page, fiesta update)

I find it annoying that NOW ford decide to add LED daytime running lights to all models above the STYLE trim level...


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There was talk of a 150 Bhp model coming with a six speed box a year or so back.

Still 140 Bhp / litre is very very good.

Anyone know what the torque output is ?

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Is it just me that doesn't actually like the appearance of daytime running lights?

I quite like the look of them, everyone has their own opinion! I'm just annoyed that ford didn't put LED drls from the beginning of the mk7.5...

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I reckon Ford only had LED DRL in higher models to tempt people into upgrading at the beginning of the mk7.5, since then the economy's of scale have meant LED DRL are cheaper to build so they have decided to fit them it lower models and save money.

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