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10 Plate Focus Zetec S Head Unit

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im after a sat nav/ bluetooth screen head unit, whatever it is called :p what does the community recommmend or have one for sale and how easy are they to install?


Hi Josh,

You may like to view my Aftermarket Headunit install guide.

Shows the best kit to convert the dash for double din

Link: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/63689-guide-fitting-aftermarket-headunit-mk25-focus-2008-2011/

Another guide ive created is fitting a custom 10" sub enclosure and panel

Link: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/63695-guide-fitting-custom-amp-sub-enclosure-mk2-mk25-focus-2005-2011/

Another guide I've created is fitting a reverse camera

Link: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/65470-guide-fitting-reverse-camera-mk25-focus-2008-2011/

Another guide ive created is fitting a 10" flip down roof monitor

Link: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/67763-guide-fitting-flip-down-roof-monitor-dvd-to-focus-mk2-mk25/

All said;

I recommend Pioneer double din head units I've got an AVH-X8600BT but the full double din range from Pioneer are all top quality.

However if upgrading Speakers dont use Pioneer,

JL Audio or Focal are much better aswell as JL Audio Class D amplifiers very compact and efficent,

All wired up using Vibe Audio cables.

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nice one cheers lenny! ill have a look at them see how much, love to get one for my new focus!

No prob mate,

The beauty of a sound system is you can expand it as funds allow,

Its worth investing around 300 in a good headunit, it will have bluetooth and aux port installed so isint really that expensive overall.

Then upgrade Speakers at a later date if desired, followed by perhaps amps etc.

Its worth saving and buying descent kit first time and building slow rather than cheap kit and selling at later date.

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yeah very true, good point! what would you suggest if i was looking for one with a sat nav aswell? assuming the two come as one unit of course!

For satnav combined id look at one of the oval shaped android based headunits on eBay,

The satnav option is a seperate box on the pioneer systems and sold seperatly,

Enon or some name starting with an E is supposed to be pretty good brand of the straight swap oval shaped headunit,

You wouldnt need to purchase a double din conversion kit by purchasing an oval headunit neither as there a straight swap.

If sound quality isint great you can fit a brand named amplifier which would do the job itself.

A few members have these sat nav android based oval headunits installed and are very pleased,

They also work with reverse camera etc.

I think kiefer was selling one a while back ill try find link now pal

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Quality thank you man!

Heres a link to kiefers for sale listing for the Eonon headunit,

I know its an oval shape one because i provided the brackets for supporting it in his mk2 from my mk2.5 when i removed my ford oval to fit the pioneer because the mk2 focus takes a square headunit as standard.



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