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Car Bounces To The Right When Going Over Bumps Or Indents In The Road


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Hi, only joined tonight due to just buying an (04 c-max 2.0TDCi) and having a rather bizarre issue.

Car drives pretty good except for when I go over bumps, ridges, uneven road, the back end of the car jolts slightly to the right as I go over these bumps/ridges/uneven road.

I cant see anything obvious underneath. And ive had a mechanic have a brief look at it, and he said the shocks seem fine, springs are fairly new and its had new rear arms recently.

Now, I know its impossible to diagnose over the internet, but if anyone could maybe shed some light on this or give some ideas, that would be grand!

Thanks in advance,


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Check the likes of the alignment if the rear wheel is out it could be dragging the car over. Alternatively check for accident damage, make sure the frame isn't warped

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How would one check if the frame is warped?
Do you know if the 'toe' is out at the back, could this be a possible cause of the issue?

Thanks for your reply buddy.


Ive checked for accident damage and cant see any apparent damage or repairs.

When I accelerate, the car does pull to the right a bit.

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If it's pulling to the right that will be alignment. If there is a former cat write off marker it could indicate the frame is likely buckled but if it's always pulling then a full alignment balance check is in order.

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