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2013 Fiesta Steering Knocking


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Hi Guys

Quick question on my wife's Fiesta that I'd appreciate your thoughts on. For a few months she's had a knocking on the steering as it turns at low speeds. Mostly notice it when reversing onto the drive or in car parks etc. It reminds me of how it sounds/feels when a ball joint goes.

Took it into Ford a few months back and was told that no fault could be found.

The problem has persisted so took it into Ford again yesterday and this time got someone to come out and experience it in the car park.

This time they acknowledged there was a sound but have said it's quite normal and to do with grease on the steering column. It's not covered under the warranty as considered working but for £57 they will remove the wheels and re-grease the ends and work it through. This should then improve this knocking sound but isn't guaranteed to do so.

Does this sound right to you guys? Is it worth my while paying the £57? The impression I got was that it would improve but would always remain.

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