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Focus Push To Start

Joe Lewis

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Getting my new focus in a couple days woo it's a 13 plate titanium x 1l ecoboost

Just wondering about the push to start and the keyless feature. Do all push to start focus' have the keyless unlocking feature when you touch the handle on the door?

Anyone else got a titanium x 1l ecoboost.. How is the MPG around town? I got about a 6 mile round to trip to work 5 days a week with city driving. Hoping to get late 30s early 40s Maybe

Thanks :)

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Keyless start and keyless entry are two different things, although if you have the latter, it will always include the former.

So you might have keyless start, but you'll need to use the buttons on the fob to lock and unlock the car, if you don't have keyless entry.

High 30s to low 40s should be doable around town with the 1.0 provide you don't rag it everywhere, lol.

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It says Keyless Entry/Start, so that should mean it is included. I think it might be standard on the Titanium X for that year, but I'm not 100%.

Mine doesn't have Keyless Entry so just says:

With Keyless Start

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