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Does Anyone Know What The Problem Here Is ?


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randomly when I'm driving around sometimes the car starts doing this noise. I was in process of reversing when I took the video but revved it a little more so you could actually hear what was happening. The exhaust note becomes deeper and a burning smell appears. What else I have noticed is that when you have the clutch to the floor it happens more when it occurs. Also the Rev counter drops to below 900rpm after you give it a sharp rev then bounces back up to around 1/1100rpm then settles...

It's becoming a bit of a worry now.

Video here : https://www.facebook.com/andrewfinnon/videos/943504265713640/

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No video upload AF probably why your not getting a great response upload it and someone should be able to help

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That noise as it comes down the rev range does not sound good at all, that is unlikely to be due to it doing a DPF regneration. It sounds horrid. Can you get someone else to video it with the bonnet open while you rev it, that does not sound right at all.

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