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Mk2 1.6 Tdci Engine Systems Fault "underboost"


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Having a small issue, car had the dpf removed, turbo repaced, egr banked and then was mapped to delete the EGR and DPF, however from day one I have occasionally got an Engine Systems Fault when the car is started, maybe, once in every 5 starts, comes up on the code reader as Underboost, however the car is boosting 100% and has gave no problems whatsoever since.

Just wanted to know, since the code refuses to clear, is there a way to have it removed from the ECU other than going back to the Autospark? Cheers guys

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Why not take it back to the place you got the work done - if they are any good they will sort it out free of charge as part of the after sales service? It sounds like it is linked to the the remapping and I would be cautious of getting someone fiddling around with it who might not be familiar with the map used.

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