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Ford Focus Mk3 Speaker Upgrade


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I have a 64 plate focus navigator with ford sync and Sony stereo, does anyone know if it is worth upgrading the Speakers as the factory ones are shocking, and does anyone know what spec the Speakers are (watts, etc). Any help would be much appreciated

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Blimey Tristan. Either you are, as I used to be , an audiophile Or your Speakers are shot c/o it's previous owner. I've had a tit x 12 plate and now a 14 plate tit x focus and the sound produced is !Removed! good and that's coming from a former semi pro car sound system designer/installer.

However there is room for improvement and uprating the Speakers is the 1st move. Go for high end ones though.

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Hi Tristan. I have the Bass set at plus 1 and Treble at plus 2 and Mid at plus 1. I've yet to investigate how so much Bass comes out from the front Speakers it's amazing.

You state your car is a navigator but is it a titanium or titanium x or what? Maybe your spec car has a lower spec speaker fitted I don't know.

How long have you had your car and did you get it from a dealer? Might be worth complaining and get them to change the Speakers and or radio unit.

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