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Strange Problem I'm Having With Mk6 Black Edition


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Hi everybody,

I'm looking for some advice on what could be causing the issue I'm currently having with my beloved Fiesta.

I went to start her up the other morning to find that when I turned the key all the way I lost all electrics.

What is strange is that when I turn the key I initially get dashboard lights, radio, blowers, everything works fine until I turn the key to start the engine.

When I do this, I have total electrical failure and I'm unable to start it at all no matter how many times I try. Absolutely dead. It's as if the battery is totally flat.

I tried to start it again in the evening of that day and it was as if nothing had happened. It started perfectly, no issues since.

I got to work today and needed to pop to the shop on my lunch hour, turned the key, same thing happened.

My boss managed to jump start me to get me home this evening, so I was lead to believe the battery (which is less than 12 months old) was dodgy.

So, today, I had my battery and alternator tested and they are both "perfect".

They put it down to "electrical gremlins".

I am now in a position where I dont know when it will next happen and have no idea what is causing it.

Has anyone else had the same issue?

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Check your battery terminals for corrosion/securely fitted. Check the cables too

Check all fuses (could be gone but not enterirely). Both the glove box fusebox and the one behind the battery.

Check the engine/starter relays too :)

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