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Weird Problem, With Videos.

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When starting the car, it sounds like its dying when trying to start. At times I will have to hold the key longer than others before the engine gets going.

When this happens there is a noise from the back, think its the boot motor, and also the dash goes all funny. Like, when the engine goes the dash speedo will go up a tiny bit then back down and it looks like its loosing power when starting the car as the dash screen doesn't come on straight away like it normally would.

I also tried putting the lights on while turning key and they dim a lot.

However, the odd time the car will start perfectly and the dash will be quick and normal.

Fiesta Zetec MK6 2007 1.25


Last serviced: 67 something..

This is how it sounds on a normal start-up

This is how it sounds when it starts weird (you can hear noise at start, the length of time I hold the key before start varies at different times also.)

Also, when this occurs the fan sometimes comes on, regardless of whether the engine is hot or not.


EDIT:- I put it into test mode and noted down all the details I could find, in case of any use.

Rom level 0127


Dct 1 9312

Dct 2 9318

Engine spees 820-865

Fuel ad input 120-124

Fuel flow goes up in HEXIDECIMAL?

Battery whilst running - 14.1v

Battery whilst switched off - 10.0v

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I had a similar problem a couple of months ago. Make sure your ht leads are connected properly. I can't play the video on my phone but from your description it sounds like a similar problem

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Battery is duff.

It should read about 12.4v pre ignition.

14.1v on running means the alternator is fine.

The starter motor takes a lot out of a battery which is why the lights dim and the dash doesn't respond.

Try starting the car with a booster pack (if available) or put the battery on charge for 24 hours to see if it gets better.

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Cheers alex, will check them tomorrow.

Cheers stoney, again, will try charging the battery tomorrow and see if the problem goes away.

It does go away sometimes then it'll be messed up. Could this still be the battery yes?

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I started the car up this morning, still the same symptoms but I heard a belt squeel and when at high revs I can hear something weirdly ticking from under the bonnet.

I looked up n found out this could be the alternator. Could a messed up battery cause this?

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