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Rear Seat Squeaking


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New on here, boldly going with my new 5 door 1.0 ecoboost.

It's less than two months old and has developed an annoying squeak from the rear offside. I initially searched the web and checked heat deflectors, hand brake bushes, brake shoes and the rear seat backrest catches.

The squeak is only apparent with a single passenger sitting in the middle, rear seat and only when straightening up from a left curve or turn. i.e. if no rear passenger or 2 or more passengers or single passenger on off rear side = no squeak.

After much investigation and head scratching I've narrowed the problem down to the rear seat bench. i first looked up how to remove it with instructions telling me it was a very tight fit because of the supporting wire frame locating into hook like brackets next to the seat belt anchors and then the front wire hoops dropping into their locators.

On mine the seat bench can be very easily be lifted from the rear before popping up the front locators. Thinking this may be a simple bad install I removed the bench and attempted a better fit. The rear support wire locates without problem into said brackets BUT to get the front loops to locate I have to push the bench backwards (towards the boot) to lign up the front locators. This then allows the seat to be loose at the rear mounts and can once again be lifted out without first popping the front locators.

I basically have an ill-fitting rear seat bench that squeaks loudly and annoyingly under the conditions described.

Is this something the dealer would be able and willing to cure or even something that has been encountered before along with a possible remedy?


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