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'05 Mk2 Clutch Started Slipping


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I have an MK2 Focus 05 1.6 petrol, 65k miles, and my clutch has started slipping quite badly over the course of only a few days (3 or so). I thought that when a clutch was slipping that it was something that would happen over the course of a few weeks.

As I was driving on Friday I noticed that the biting point felt a bit higher than usual. I didn't know whether it was just my imagination so I decided to keep an eye on it and keep using it.

I didn't drive on Saturday but when I went to drive today (Sunday) the clutch is slipping so badly that I could barely pull away. This seems odd to me as I haven't driven since Friday when it was still driving fine apart from the slightly high bite point.

I just about managed to turn the car around but then gave up.

I haven't seen any fluid on the ground and I've checked the brake/transmission hydraulic fluid level and it's sitting happily close to the max level.

Does anyone have any ideas? A googling and searching the common faults hasn't brought anything up.

It seems to have happened too quickly and when I wasn't using the car to be a failure of the actual clutch plates themselves.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I should also add that the catch on the gear stick that stops you going into 1st gear at speed is not completely disengaging. When I push the stick into first as I normally would, it hits the block and I have to give it a firm push to pass that block and get into first.

Additionally there is very little resistance on the clutch pedal any more. It just feels like it's pushing a spring and nothing more.

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With little resistance on the clutch pedal and the clutch slipping, would seem to me like an issue with the slave cylinder (not returning fully) or the clutch pressure plate.

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