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Fuse Box

Luke Fletcher

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Good afternoon

I have recently fitted a driving camera to my fiesta style plus and have hard wired it in to my fuse box. The continuous power wire is connected to the cigarette power socket fuse being 20 amp which is of cause supplying continuous power used for parking surveillance and the wire which enables to camera to power up with the ignition is connected to the the windscreen wipers. Got in my car yesterday and the camera wasn't coming on. I later discovered that the cigarette power fuse (with the continuous power wire connected to it for the camera) has blown. I found out by checking if the sat nav would charge and it never.

My question is can I use a fuse socket that is not in use for the continuous power wire for my camera. I have bought a box of fuses with different volts to attempt this.

Can it be done?


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I'd imagine it might be better to piggyback the original cigarette lighter fuse for your continuous power than wiring your own circuit entirely; unless you're particularly ambitious!

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yeah, but i think i have it connected to a fuse that has to high of a volt as i say it is a 20 amp, maybe a 15 would do better to prevent shortage. it has been working fine for a month until yesterday.

also, where do i get a radio code for my car as i don't seem to have one. the hard wire instructions state its best to connect it to a fuse usually used for audio but i don't want to unplug the fuse in case it asks for a code and i don't have one.

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Lower amp rating the more likely your fuse is to blow. The rating for the factory fitted socket is 20A so I'd go with that if you're fitting a cig adapter for power - but I'd really recommend using a high quality adapter ( low quality ones often interfere with radio. I recommend Anker). If you are't fitting a cig adapter, its best to check the recommended rating for what you're wiring (may be 5 amp, etc)

My fiesta's never asked for a code re: audio when pulling fuses.

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